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Preparing the Boat for Survey

The first thing a boat buyer should do is to have a survey. Each survey will save you from additional costs and problems that may occur in the future. In a good survey process, the surveyor should have access to information relevant to each area of the boat and technical equipment.

In this respect, the preparation of the boat by the owner and the authorized person and the answers given to the questions asked by the surveyor affect the survey quality.

Though they change depending on the selected survey package, the surveyor's requirements for the survey are as follows ....

  • The owner or an authorized person must accompany the survey and, when needed, the necessary contact information of the responsible person who can answer technical questions must be provided.
  • Official papers, documents and certificates of the boat should be kept available.
  • There should be sufficient fuel for the cruise.
  • The responsible person who will operate the boat and equipment during the marine survey must be present.
  • The boat owner or a mariner who is experienced in sailing equipment and maneuvers of the boat should be present for the navigation test.
  • Access to locked boat sections and enclosed areas should be provided.
  • Non-inventory items, materials and equipment should be unloaded beforehand.
  • The necessary preparation should be planned in case the boat has to be lifted on dry.
  • For boats on boatyard, the hull must be cleared beforehand, ladders must be provided to climb onto the boat and the surrounding of the boat must be suitable for surveying.
  • Batteries should be pre-charged or electricity should be supplied to the boat based on electricity needs.
  • Additional oil should be available in case of need during the oil level checks of the engine and generator.