Pre-purchase survey is an important service, which must be performed by an expert and an impartial organization during the purchase of all kinds of marine vessels, and in which the buyer will evaluate the findings of the condition, characteristics and inspection of the boat to be purchased. The results should be listed in an impartial and objective report.


During the survey, detailed conditions of the boat's structural elements, mechanical and electrical/electronic equipment and comfort areas are performed through TAMAP software specially developed by TÜV AUSTRIA Marine. The report, which includes the findings of the inspected boat as a result of various equipment and measurements used, is classified and reported according to the type, sort and sections of the boat. In our survey reports, which include summary and explanations, the details of all findings are presented to the customer, together with the photographs. Each survey is carried out by a minimum of 2 expert surveyors. During the survey process, detections and findings can also be viewed and followed online by TÜV AUSTRIA Marine technical management. Each report is finalized by going through a separate audit process apart from the surveyors and is published based on the approval of the technical management.

Accurate Detection

During the survey, extensive tests are performed with equipment and devices with high quality standards. As a result of the checks, all the details about the vessel are inspected and reported.

100% Satisfaction

TÜV AUSTRIA Marine takes 100% customer satisfaction as a basis with the principles of impartiality and independence that it has maintained together with its high-level service standards, expert and sustainable quality understanding.

Professional Service

We offer survey services to end consumers and corporate companies in a fast and reliable way with our experienced and professional experts.

Strong Business Partners

The fundamental principle of our strong business partners who set out with us on this path is to maintain the corporate company vision by preserving business ethics in an honest and reliable manner.

Cutting Edge Technology

As TÜV AUSTRIA Marine, we offer services to our customers with our TAMAP software developed with the latest technology and our innovative website presents all our services in a systematic way.